Sophia Burke (douleurdplaisir) wrote in the_doves_diner,
Sophia Burke

Dreaming with Sarah

Last Night
i dreamt that i was Cherry Vanilla aka She-Ra aka Sarah aka Black Snake.

i REMEmber like i lived it .
i sit in the room where i perform my miracles. Lighting just right
made by my pimp to give me my saintly glow.
it looks dark But the room is empty of truckers and i'm blinded by a spot lamp.
I turn to the windows behind my pink trim ruffle white dress, perfectly blond coiling cues shake with my head as i stand to look out.

there are now black iron bars outside my window now.
it all seems like too much and i fall onto my bed.
i hit my arm against the post and feel a sharp pain .

i feel it in me still . the prick of stella's pain killer.

i feel my pillows incase me.

my eyes well up.
and the baby blue drips out onto my white skin.

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