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The Cult of J.T. LeRoy

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8/20/06 07:24 pm - douleurdplaisir - NEWBZER!

favourite JT book: Sarah

+favourite character from JT's books: The Black Snake.

+why do you like JT's books? I like sarah because it has surprised me all the way through. every turn i saw as unexpected. it opened up my eyes to a brave protagonist with all the will of wind to sweep her in .

i like the heart because it moves quickly in and out and then you find yourself wanting to be spanked with a belt.

i look forward to reading harolds end.


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8/12/06 02:38 am - rasmus_me - Hey again...

So, I'm posting more caps. I need to do something until I get my books :) (I bought Dennis Cooper's "Try" too.)

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8/9/06 12:49 pm - rasmus_me - Hey all...

I'm new. I watched Asia's movie and read "Sarah" and now all I want is to read the rest of her (yea, I know about the hoax)books! I thought I'd post some caps from the first scene, just to contribute, I guess...:) Enjoy!

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7/5/06 02:49 pm - trashcanpoet - I know this has been asked before, but...

Does anyone know the official release date for Labour? I looked on the computer at Borders and it just said "July"... but it's July now, so I wondered if anyone's got a date or if I'll just have to keep checking back all month.

6/28/06 06:53 pm - indecisean - More "Heart Is Deceitful" wardrobe pieces on eBay!

It looks like round two for wardrobe items from "The Heart Is Deceitful" on eBay...this time around there are costumes worn by Asia Argento, Peter Fonda, and Michael Pitt!

Check them out here!

6/15/06 03:50 pm - indecisean - Heart Is Deceitful wardrobe auctions!

I just noticed some authentic wardrobe items from the "The Heart Is Deceitful" film just went up on eBay. There are some pretty cool pieces, including costumes worn by Asia Argento, Winona Ryder, and John Robinson.

Check them out here!

6/8/06 03:19 am - salsburysteakjr - SO THEN

Okay. Please, I would like ONLY THOSE who know factually what I'm going to ask. Even if the factual answer is, "nobody can be 100% sure", that is fine. Gossip seems to be the flood drowning most of any truth to either sides angle on the story, so please lets have us a very intellectual conversation full of what we DO know and nothing more.

Also before I ask, this really doesn't affect the work, I might note, for me. I'm always going to get the newest book when its got JT LEROY as author. Those first three works won me over permanently. They will always be great pieces of writing for the rest of history to read and enjoy. Now then...

Is it OFFICIAL or something now, that JT is in fact a made up person, a female author who got her cousin or whoever to pose in public as this shy teenage former male prostitute and drug addict? Or are there still enough doubts, still enough people who will strongly claim and have no reason to do so, that Leroy is in fact a human young man that they quite are fond of, have met, talked to in person, hugged, and all that to keep it a question for the world over to ponder?

I don't have the money to buy the dvd of the movie just released, but I read it has an interview with Leroy in it. I assume the question is still not full answered, at least for those of whom like me who initially believe he exists and warrant proof otherwise to genuinely convince me there is no Jeremiah Terminator Leroy.

I'm sure it was discussed to death here long ago when the story first broke and what I'm questioning is nothing new. But I figure since some time has passed and because the dvd just came out, and some more clues exist to support either side, it'd be worth a post in this community.

I look foreward to JT's new novella! Harold's End was quite good, if frustratingly short. I guess this new one'll suffer the same fate. Aw well. I look foreward to those watercolor paintings also.

Good eve.

5/18/06 11:25 pm - _gloomcookie_ - "The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things" DVD Contest

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things DVD Pre-Order Contest has begun! Click the link below for info on how to win the Jesus bust from Jackson's (played by Marilyn Manson) trailer. This is an authentic prop used in the film and featured in a scene with Marilyn Manson and Asia Argento.

In addition to this everyone who pre-orders the DVD gets you 20% off on Heart is Deceitful shirts, posters, etc. see page for details

The DVD comes out in the U.S. June 6th and is packed with extra features.


5/8/06 11:27 pm - allisonritchie - Terminator Yahoo Group

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this. I was just wondering, where did the Terminator group go? It probably shut down. However, before, the moderators were quite adamant about not closing the Yahoo group. Perhaps I missed something?


4/30/06 10:16 pm - d_r_o_n_e - Editorial in Oxford American

Oxford American magazine has a long editorial piece on their own experience with publishing a JT Leroy story (the "Loretta Lynn" piece, linked a while back on here i think), the editor's thoughts on the whole hoax thing, and factchecking with respect to memoir/nonfiction/etc.

It's up on their website here:

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