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The Cult of J.T. LeRoy

Welcome To The Diner

7/9/08 09:10 pm - snowtonight - Indio


6/2/08 06:46 pm - inanis_sum - LEROY HOAXERS IN FALLING-OUT

June 2, 2008 -- LAURA Albert is on the warpath over a new book about the JT LeRoy hoax being written by the one-time friend she hired to portray the fake teen-writing sensation.

In "Girl Boy Girl: How I Became JT LeRoy," Savannah Knoop, 27, will tell the story of the charade in which she wore a blond wig and sunglasses to hobnob with celebrities who believed she was "LeRoy," the drug-addicted hustler who supposedly wrote the 1999 best seller "Sarah," about the sexual abuse of a 12-year-old homeless boy. A 2006 expose revealed that Albert had written the book and used Knoop to make appearances as the nonexistent LeRoy.

"I am not in any way connected with this book and it disgusts me. Just because you play a writer doesn't mean you are a writer," Albert, 42, told Page Six. "I think Savannah is being motivated by money and attention. Now that she's had to go back to being a civilian, this is her way of getting back to it. It's sad and it's sleazy. She's really stepping on my feelings."

Seven Stories Press, which will publish the tome in October, gushes in a press release: "Who was the real JT LeRoy? A new memoir reveals how a girl, pretending to be a boy, captured the imagination of everyone who met her . . . JT became a darling of the avant-garde - including Asia Argento, Gus Van Sant, [Michael] Pitt, Carrie Fisher, Winona Ryder, Courtney Love, Debbie Harry and dozens of others . . . Then it turned out to be a hoax."

Albert bristles, "This is a cheap way for Seven Stories to get my story. And it's disgusting they're using celebrity names to sell it. I'm not interested in making a career of JT, I'm an artist."

Knoop couldn't be reached, but Seven Stories Editor-in-Chief Amy Scholder told us: "Savannah has every right to tell her story. It is funny and irreverent. Laura will hopefully feel differently when she reads the book."


1/21/08 04:13 pm - laura_albert

If any of y'all (and yes I am a Brooklyn gal (proud too, dang it) I reserve the right to use any slang I like – as  I always done did) get to see The Homecoming in NY - Ian McShane's performances bears out what Oscar Wilde said about theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being. The way subtexts are played, allowed to breathe – we want black, or white… and life does not accommodate our wishes. And speaking of Oscar Wilde…

Here is an email I share with y'all - with permission:

Laura hon, the book I was talking about was "The Soul Of Man & Prison Writings," published in paperback by Oxford Univ. Press, part of their "Oxford's World Classics" series. Although released only in 1998, it's apparently already out of print: They weren't offering it on their own website ( www.oup.com).

"The Soul Of Man" (AKA "The Soul Of Man Under Socialism") is a brilliant essay about society, social justice, art, personal freedom -- terribly contemporary in thought and tone, tho written in 1891, about 4 years before he was locked up. Maybe that's why there's also a strong strain of humor in it: "In old days men had the rack. Now they have the press." "It is only fair to state, with regard to modern journalists, that they always apologize to one in private for what they have written against one in public."

Zingers like that contribute to this distorted notion of Wilde as the Victorian Noel Coward, but nothing could be further from the truth. As a writer, the man was incapable of superficiality. And he was also one of the most thoughtful and profound writers of his era, as the above essay demonstrates and "De Profundis" drives home.

Everything else in this collection was written either in jail or afterwards; in fact, it contains all the post-prison writing he'd produce. "De Profundis" is a letter to Bosie Douglas, who'd been Wilde's boyfriend and dragged Oscar into the confrontation with the Marquess of Queensbury that resulted in Wilde's downfall. Writing a very long letter to Bosie from his prison cell, Wilde touches on aspects of suffering that always resonated for me with the JT books. Oscar would have recognized your truthfulness as a writer: "Behind Joy and Laughter there may be a temperament, coarse, hard and callous. But behind Sorrow there is always Sorrow. Pain, unlike Pleasure, wears no mask." Tell me that this passage about prison life isn't him also writing about how you wrote and organized THE HEART: "To me it seems to have occurred, I will not say yesterday, but today. Suffering is one long moment. We cannot divide it by seasons. We can only record its moods, and chronicle their return. With us time itself does not progress. It revolves. It seems to circle round one centre of pain."

What also raises the spectre of JT are the two letters he wrote to the Daily Chronicle about prison conditions, after his release from prison -- especially the first letter which discusses the treatment of children in prison. And this collection includes his last and maybe his greatest poem, "The Ballad Of Reading Gaol." The book also has smart and detailed notes, very helpful, for all the stuff. 


1/16/08 07:50 pm - snowtonight

 Hello, I just stumbled across this community and I'm so glad that I did.  I adore jt leroy and it so doesn't matter who wrote what, the work stands on it's own.  The first thing I read was the treehouse story and it has stayed with me ever since.  Does anyone know if anything after Howard's End has been published?  I would love to read any short stories that are out there but I haven't seen anything around.  Thank you so much.

12/18/07 11:41 pm - laura_albert - Laura Albert here


I wanted to wish you all a .... I like the idea of the HOLIDAYS. What it looks like outside. What I can imagine it is inside. Fireplaces, joy, snuggliness ....  For some of you it might be that. For some of you... it might be the memory of an ideal. 
For me it is the ideal....
I remember it was Xmas eve and I was a teen, in a group home, we were locked out of the home - we weren’t allowed in without a houseparent being there, she was still at midnight mass. It was freezing, and I saw all these blinking lights up in windows in the buildings around me, just blinking their advert - we are part of the club that is part of Christmas. We are part of the club.  And I just knew inside those homes - there were kids that had found out the secret of Santa way too young. They knew a lot of secrets and  the lights strung up in their windows would not contain them long.  

I wish you all a holiday were you can find a way to take problems of the soul and spirit and transform them into problems of craft.

The way Santa’s elves rewarded the good with crafted toys – we carry that metaphor – we can craft gifts for the world – but it aint got nuthin to do with being GOOD  boys and girls. It is about the craft of the gift. 

12/17/07 03:55 pm - ladycatherina - Looking for writing and graphic art to support unemployed writers and artists

Reposted from my journal into all fan communities to which I belong:

Inviting everyone to check out and consider volunteering creative talent for strike_support to benefit writers and non-union creative techs out of work due to the WGA strike. How it works is that people offer to make icons or sketches or write short fiction or poetry as a gift for someone in exchange for that person's donating to a fund to provide emergency help with rent, food, healthcare, etc for unemployed workers in the television industry.

I know many of you are incredibly talented with writing, poetry, music, graphic design, etc - and it's a good cause. Many people in the writing industry are not wealthy - they're 'starving artists' looking for a chance to survive while following their dream and working one or more dayjobs between gigs. And this is a creative, democratic, (discordian!) response to the whole situation.

Here's the community's information:

Everyone knows that the writers are out of jobs because they're on strike. It's what being on strike means, and it's a risk they decided to take.

But hundreds of other people are also out of jobs: actors, technicians, staff, crew. These people had no say in whether the writers went on strike or not. They didn't choose to lose their jobs.

Fans have done a lot to support the strike, so that it ends as quickly as possible. But that end is still far out of sight.

But there's a way that you can help now the people who need help the most. strike_support is a general fandom community dedicated to helping those affected by the strike, who don't have their union's funds to fall back on. We're doing this through two charities: The Actors' Fund, based in NYC, and The Motion Picture & Television Fund, based in LA. If you know another charity that supports "below the line" people, please contact esotaria

11/20/07 01:24 pm - ladycatherina - Dreams never die :)

Hi everyone, I'm Cristina and a long-time fan but first-time fan community member :) Thought I should introduce myself.

I'm one who took the supposed 'hoax' in stride - while reading, I noticed the characters dressed up in drag and costumes and changed their names often, but were still very consistently authentic and human no matter what name/age/gender they'd assumed at any moment. So to me the details of the author and characters' physical identities came not to matter as much as their humanity, their constant sweetness and hope and desire to help each other and fit in somewhere. So I feel I can enjoy the books and the heartfelt, clever, funny writing just as much when it comes from Ms. Albert as from Mr. LeRoy :)

My family and I just watched Miracle on 34th Street and I thought of J.T. when Kris Kringle explained that he'd become much more than just a story - he was a very real symbol of people's ability to get beyond their selfishness and help each other. J.T. LeRoy has become very real to me, a real symbol about how people can transcend pain and loneliness through art and imagination and friendship. I've known people who lived through events such as those described in the books who are still very touched and inspired and still consider him (her) one of their favorite authors.

Letter I wrote him right after people found out:
(Elena Romanescu is a pen name I use on Amazon.com and for my writing.)

Hello JT,

I don't know if this email will reach you or not. Maybe you're busy up there in literary heaven, carrying on with lots of great luminaries like Harry Potter and Mr. Heathcliff and Oliver Twist and don't have time to read the words of mere mortal readers down here anymore.

Or maybe you don't want to talk to me since one of my best friends had some stern words for your creator in her literary blog? If that's the case then that's ok too, I just wanted to say hello.

Anyway, some of the things you wrote really resonated with me, and I thought you should know that. Read more...Collapse )

I'm aware that J.T. LeRoy and Laura Albert are recognized as Saints in the P.O.E.E. branch of the Discordian philosophical think tank (which I was part of in college.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discordianism#Episkopos

I love this - a video of scenes from The Heart is Deceitful set to Emmy Rossum's Learn to be Lonely (which should never have been cut from Phantom of the Opera!)
Goes very well with the character, simply beautiful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBz7rOU-HeA

9/5/06 07:16 pm - rasmus_me - Extras anyone?

Just wondering, does anyone have some of these extras on their hard drive or maybe know of a link somewhere? I would love to see them but I can't find them anywhere :) Thank you!!!

Commentary by director Asia Argento and producer Chris Hanley
"JT Under Cover" featurette
New York Film Premiere and Party featurette
Easter Eggs

8/21/06 12:12 am - douleurdplaisir

8/20/06 07:46 pm - douleurdplaisir - Dreaming with Sarah

Last Night
i dreamt that i was Cherry Vanilla aka She-Ra aka Sarah aka Black Snake.

i REMEmber like i lived it .
i sit in the room where i perform my miracles. Lighting just right
made by my pimp to give me my saintly glow.
it looks dark But the room is empty of truckers and i'm blinded by a spot lamp.
I turn to the windows behind my pink trim ruffle white dress, perfectly blond coiling cues shake with my head as i stand to look out.

there are now black iron bars outside my window now.
it all seems like too much and i fall onto my bed.
i hit my arm against the post and feel a sharp pain .

i feel it in me still . the prick of stella's pain killer.

i feel my pillows incase me.

my eyes well up.
and the baby blue drips out onto my white skin.

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