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Laura Albert here


I wanted to wish you all a .... I like the idea of the HOLIDAYS. What it looks like outside. What I can imagine it is inside. Fireplaces, joy, snuggliness ....  For some of you it might be that. For some of you... it might be the memory of an ideal. 
For me it is the ideal....
I remember it was Xmas eve and I was a teen, in a group home, we were locked out of the home - we weren’t allowed in without a houseparent being there, she was still at midnight mass. It was freezing, and I saw all these blinking lights up in windows in the buildings around me, just blinking their advert - we are part of the club that is part of Christmas. We are part of the club.  And I just knew inside those homes - there were kids that had found out the secret of Santa way too young. They knew a lot of secrets and  the lights strung up in their windows would not contain them long.  

I wish you all a holiday were you can find a way to take problems of the soul and spirit and transform them into problems of craft.

The way Santa’s elves rewarded the good with crafted toys – we carry that metaphor – we can craft gifts for the world – but it aint got nuthin to do with being GOOD  boys and girls. It is about the craft of the gift. 

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